Electrostatic Sprayers FAQ

It can be used on all surfaces! The disinfectant products used are carefully determined by the pH chemical level appropriate for your surface.

Yes. All cleaning products used by GBM Services in the electrostatic sprayers are EPA-registered products.

No. There are no known products that claim to completely kill COVID-19. Our electrostatic services only guarantee a temporary reduction in the possibility of spreading from object to person.

Electrostatic spraying is applicable on all surfaces. If you have a large surface area in need of disinfection or objects with hard-to-reach surfaces, electrostatic spraying is the most efficient option.

It depends on the size of the area, but, on average, it takes approximately 10 minutes.

The surface sprayed will remain disinfected until it is touched again. The spray does not work as a protective barrier, but, rather, it disinfects the surface after it has been touched.

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